Welcome to the May 2020 newsletter

Dear all 

I am pleased to welcome you to this newsletter. 

Member survey and webinar

In our last newsletter we told you about a survey we were about to conduct among the NSCF members focusing on how we all handle the current situation with Covid-19. We are collecting the data right now, which will lead to an article to be launched in the August newsletter and will be followed by a two-hour webinar in September. Here, we will make a presentation of the findings and we will provide an opportunity to exchange experiences. 

The webinar will take place on Zoom on 15 September at 12.00 – 14.00 (Copenhagen time). Save the date.

Membership fee

In the last newsletter we announced, that we will reduce the annual fee for 2020 to 100 € and that the plan was to send the invoices in June. We will send you the invoices in August instead.

The fee for 2021 will be 300 € as decided at the last General Meeting. 

Changes in the board

I have been chairperson for the last two and a half years and I have been pleased to be a part of NSCF and the board. It has been very rewarding in terms of network, experience, exchange of ideas and views etc.  

However, I got a new position and will leave Experimentarium, which means I have to leave the NSCF board as well. Therefore, the board has decided to rearrange as follows until the general assembly in 2021.

Lars Leegaard Marøy (New Chairman), Vilvite, Norway

Kim Gladstone Herlev (New Member), Experimentarium, Denmark

Pilvi Kolk,  Science Centre AHHAA, Estonia

Pauls Irbins, Z(in)oo, Latvia

Lisa Berg, Fenomenalen, Sweden

Heli Ainola, Heureka, Finland

Guðrún J. Bachmann, University of Iceland, Iceland

I wish you all a great holiday. 

Best wishes