By Pilvi Kolk 

AHHAA science centre was preparing a brand new exhibition about Phobias when the corona situation begun. Nevertheless, we decided not to change our slogan “come if you dare!” and opened the exhibition in the beginning of June. All people have something they fear and sometimes the feeling of fear goes to phobia. It does not matter if it is spiders, height or darkness. If you feel it then it is scary.

This interactive exhibition shows 45 known phobias and it is created together with psychologists. It contains several original exhibits like burning chimney and smelly garbage-containers. It all looks like immersive ghost town with scary houses that surprise you when you least expect it.

The exhibition has been open for all summer and even though AHHAA has restrictions for visitors (the limited number of people at the same time in the building, disinfection and face masks), it has been a success. We have experienced that it is interesting for elder people than our usual visitors and there have been more visitors than even in the dinosaur exhibition!