When summer came and we at Technichus Science Center in Härnösand realized that our house could not be open due to the restrictions, we had to rethink. We came to the conclusion that our business had to move out. In June, Technichus opened a SciencePark outdoors (1200 sqm), created an interactive quiz walk in the forest and arranged construction stations for kids and young adults.

The science park was open every weekday throughout the summer. In the park we offered several different stations based on scientific phenomena, physical activities and puzzles.  When interacting with the stations, visitors could be strategic, physically challenged and experimenting. The stations suited different target groups and had different levels of difficulty. Our visitors could try both water experiments, collaborative exercises, labyrinths, bungee run, gyro wheels and much more on a large area (to be able to keep the distance). Due to the prevailing circumstances surrounding Covid-19, we of course followed the recommendations issued by the public health authorities. We installed a high fence around and had one entrance/exit, and could therefore be in total control of how many people we let in/let out. The park was incredibly well visited and almost every morning there was a queue to visit us. In total, just over 4,300 people visited us.

Our digital quiz walk in the forest all had different themes, including our unique cultural heritage and the geological finds in our immediate area. With the help of technology, the interactivity took place directly in the user’s mobile phone, and they had to search for the questions using a map on the phone. This made it possible for them to carry out an activity that involves both a movement and learning step and it was a fun activity for everyone in the family. At the same time, they also got to discover a couple of our favourite places nearby.

Our construction stations gave the participants experience in construction designs, learning to use different tools, measuring, cutting, and assembling. The activities were conducted outdoors and the visitors could build birdhouses and insect hotels. Over 500 birdhouses and hotels were built in a few weeks. The products that were manufactured, was taken home by the builder to be used for the benefit of nature, the environment, and creativity.

All activities were free of charge, we wanted to offer meaningful activities for everyone during the time of the pandemic.