Welcome to our first newsletter in 2018, which I hope you will read with interest. We present the new strategy for NSCF, give a short presentation of the next conference including a preliminary programme and offer a range of very interesting articles and events.

By Hanne Haack Larsen

The board has completed a strategic process at the Board Meeting on February 7th 2018.

In this introduction, I present the strategy of NSCF covering 2018 and 2019.  

Our strategy is to focus on the entire science centre

NSCF covers the Nordic and Baltic states, giving us a more local than global focus. Due to similar cultures, cost structures, political and educational systems in our member states, we can benefit from exchanging experiences throughout our institutions and at all levels. However, we also have to be aware that our member organisations are of different sizes and have very different organisational structures.   

This is why we have chosen to have a strategic focus on the entire science centre - embracing all functions of our organisations and giving voice to all of our members. 

To make this happen, we will implement the strategy in a focused way by having specific focal points in each of the two years:

·       In 2018 we will focus on development, cooperation and funding

·       In 2019 we will focus on operations

This means that in a given year we will focus on a certain theme. Therefore, the content of the newsletters and the conference in 2018 will focus on different angles of development, cooperation and funding. In 2019, the theme will be operations and the newsletter and conference will focus on this and thus cover topics such as marketing, explainers, finances, the entrance, maintenance and the shop. 

I hope you find this strategy interesting and valuable. 

I am looking forward to exchanging ideas and experience via the newsletters and at the annual conference in October. We plan to release the next newsletter in June and meanwhile you are very welcome to contact me or the other board members by e-mail

Best regards Hanne

Chairman of NSCF