Read full program for the 2019 conference in VilVite, Bergen.
Tuesday 22nd of October
16.00 - 18.00
Board meeting

18.00 - 19.00
Registration and drinks

19.00 - 22.00
Opening of conference and welcome dinner

Wednesday 23rd of October
08.30 - 09.00

09.00 - 09.15
Welcome by our host and NSCF chairperson

09.15 - 10.15
Keynote speaker: Embedding science capital principles across the science centre
Moderated by: Lars Leegaard Marøy, Vilvite

Embedding science capital principles across the science centre
Beth Hawkins, SMG Academy Manager at London Science Museum, will discuss the subject of science capital: both as a possible output goal for science center activities as well as guiding principles that could be embedded across our organisations.

10.15 - 10.30
Coffee break

10.30 - 12.00

Work shop: Avoiding down-time
Moderated by: Hanne Haack Larsen, Experimentarium

Jens Østergaard Johansen, Facility manager at Experimentarium, will give a short presentation about: 
Requirements for operation and maintenance, material and manuals, Preventive maintenance, Remedial maintenance and OEE, Overall Equipment Effecieny.
After the presentation we will work in groups.
Customer surveys: How do we measure the visitor experience?
Moderated by: Heli Ainoa, Heureka

What tools we use? How do we analyse the results of the surveys and transform them into usable information?
Heli Ainoa, Director of Communications and Services at Heureka, will tell about Heureka´s customer surveys and Adm. direktør Geir Endregard will speak about the suveys they do in Inspiria (Norway). One speaker is still in search! If interested, send email to
Being a leader of operations 365 days a year
Moderated by: Christine Sundberg Carendi, Secretary-General of Swedish Science Centers.

Hanne Haack Larsen, Deputy Director at Expermientarium, Copenhagen, Peter Skogh, Museum Director at The museum of Science and Technology, Stockholm, and Tapio Koivu, Managing Director at Heureka, Vanda, will present their organisation models, the story behind, the benefits and maybe some headaches. Followed by a talk moderated by Christine Sundberg Carendi.
Surprising (low cost) science shows and demo
Moderated by:

                                                           The workshop will focus on how we create new and surprising shows and demonstrations, when we also have to keep costs down both in terms of development and operation including the use of materials and staff and daily maintenance. We will see and try examples of elements in other science centers shows for example Sabine Haake from Vilvite will present the show: Chemistry magic with colours.
12.00 - 13.00

13.00 - 14.45

Challenges with applying new tech in the exhibitions

Moderated by: Lars Leegaard Marøy, Vilvite

New technology in the shape of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), robotics, and more, offer endless possibilities for innovative subjects and intriguing user interaction - but also numerous practical challenges. In this workshop, we'll exchange both problems and solutions: How to make sure those VR goggles don't break so soon? Which sensors work best for AR? Any good robots walking around? And how do we deal with all the computers in our exhibitions?
Reaching and attracting youth

Moderated by: Saile Mägi, Ahhaa

Young people in the age of 14-26 are somehow the hardest to target in marketing. They do not visit science centres just for fun as they used to, when they were kids. They are all around social media and yet- if you start to look around social media groups - they seem to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Who are they and what are they doing? How can we reach them and what should we do to attract their attention? AHHAA uses influencers, bloggers and other youngsters to catch their attention. Is it always successful? Is this the way of doing it? Can we do better? Come to the session and find out by yourself.
Optimizing the guest experience

Moderated by: Christine Sundberg Carendi, Secretary-General of Swedish Science Centers.

Hanne Haack Larsen, Experimentarium, and Jonas Juhl Luttermann, Universe Science Park, will present their approach to optimizing the guest experience. The presentations will be followed by a work shop, where we can exchange experiences, ideas and solve an operational case.

The art of being a pilot according to "21st century skills"

Moderated by:

Anna Gunnarsson from Navet Science center will give a prensentation about which approaches are needed when pilots and explainers are interacting with the guests in science centers in the 21st. century, where focus are on skills such as knowledge construction, collaboration, self-evaluation, problem solving and innovation, competent communication as well as it and learning.
Thursday 24th of October
08.30 - 09.00

09.00 - 09.45
General meeting

09.45 - 10.30
Keynote: Lean Management to Improve Customer Experience

Moderator: Lars Leegaard Marøy, Vilvite

Anders Beyer, CEO & Artistic Director of Bergen International Festival discusses the subjects of lean management and digitization in terms of back office functions, the customer journey, and the artistic output.

10.30 - 11.00
Coffee break

11.00 - 12.30

Water, fire, mist, sand and smoke…tackling troublesome elements in the exhibition

Moderated by: Hanne Haack Larsen, Experimentarium

Many science centers try to avoid exhibits involving water, mist, sand, fire and smoke.
The reasons have to do with maintenance, user experience, fire alarms, etc. In this workshop, we´ll identify best practices on how to tackle these troublesome elements.

Moderated by: Pilvi Kolk, Ahhaa

Customers, revenues and obstacles.
Most science centres have shops in their premises. Some even have shops outside of their centre, some have e-shops. What are the best-sellers? What have been the greatest mistakes? And how much does the average customer spends in our shops? AHHAA has a good experience in “shopping” and we do earn quite a remarkable income from our shop. Come and share your shopping experiences with us.
Becoming Commercial

Moderated by: Christine Sundberg Carendi, Secretary-General of Swedish Science Centers

Is there an inherent conflict between Science Centers mission and the growing need for building revenues and making profits?
Lasse Barsholm, CCO at Experimentarium, will present Experimentariums reasoning behind increasing focus on the commercial disciplines. He will talk about strategic, operational and cultural considerations to take into account.
How to run open workshops for guests

Moderated by:

What logistics and guest contact is required when Science centers want to run open workshops about tinkering, makers activities, codingt? In this workshop you can try some of the activities and talk about opportunities and challenges in running open workshops. We will se examples from Heureka and AHHAAs workshops.
12.45 - 13.00
Presentation from next host and closing session

13.00 - 14.00
Farewell lunch