During school holidays, multidisciplinary and experiential guided science camps are organized for school-age children at Heureka. Two-day day camps are organized during the winter and autumn holiday weeks and one-week-long camps in the summer.

In 2020, Heureka’s summer science camps had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, a new Heureka Online Science Camp concept was created at a short notice to replace the summer science camps. During the online science camps, guided workshops are held through Zoom so that participants are able to interact with the instructor. Before the camp, participants acquire the necessary materials and supplies needed for the camp.

The concept was piloted in the spring and run during the popular summer camp weeks at the beginning of the summer. During the autumn holiday weeks, the online science camps, which in the summer had proved to be a good concept, continued. All tickets for the online camps were sold out through Heureka’s online ticket shop. In connection with the online camps, ready-made Accessory Packages were also created, which the participants could order from the Heureka Shop online store.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the online science camp concept created at a short notice was a success. The product is likely to remain in Heureka's offering in the future alongside on-site science camps at the science centre. Online science camps are also accessible to children living far away from Heureka, so they provide Heureka with the opportunity to get new science campers from all over Finland.