By Lars Leegaard Marøy (new Chairman of NSCF), VilVitae, Norway.

My first interaction with Hanne was in October of 2018. I had just recently taken on as VilVite’s new CEO, and Hanne got in touch regarding information about the 2019 conference for the NSCF newsletter.

I really appreciated working with Hanne. Strong analytically, colossal work capacity, and a warm heart. I will miss her, and I know that many of you second that.

Two years later, Hanne’s has turned a new and exciting chapter in her life, leaving Experimentarium for

It's now my honour to be writing the intro to my first newsletter as the new chair of the NSCF board. Until the general assembly in 2021, your faithful Nordic servants will be the following;

  • Lars Leegaard Marøy (new chairman), VilVite, Norway
  • Kim Gladstone Herlev (new member), Experimentarium, Denmark
  • Lisa Berg (new member), Fenomenalen Science Center, Sweden
  • Pilvi Kolk, Science Centre AHHAA, Estonia
  • Pauls Irbins, Z(in)oo, Latvia
  • Heli Ainola, Heureka, Finland
  • Guðrún J. Bachmann, University of Iceland

In the year to come, we'll be working with important issues such as:

  • Membership needs.
  • Membership growth (It's more vital than ever to stay together as a Nordic community, don’t you think?).
  • Communication strategy.
  • Possible change of the organization’s name (Stay tuned!).
  • Annual meeting 2021: Date and content.

And not least: An alternative to this year’s conference. We were all looking forward to visiting the Visualization Centre In Norrköping, Sweden, in November. But as you know, we decided in spring to postpone the physical event. 

Instead, we'll host a webinar. Initially planned for September, it will now take place on October 14th 13:00 – 15:00 CET.

The webinar will focus on the exciting findings in the survey and interviews that were conducted during the summer of corona, resulting in an article which you’ll find in this newsletter. I hope you enjoy it; I definitely did!

Last, I encourage you to get in touch with me for any question or request; 

Take care, and see you online on October 14th.

Best regards,