Norwegian Gingerbread House

Like in other Scandinavian countries, many Norwegian families have the tradition of making gingerbread houses ahead of Christmas. Here in Bergen, as we always try to make things that fit our grandiose self-image, we’ve taken that tradition to a new level. A local non-profit collects houses made at schools and businesses and joints them nicely to form the world's largest gingerbread town:


This year, VilVite made a contribution, shaped like our own building.

Nice isn't it?


Tempted to give it a go yourself?  I found this recipe in English: 

An insider tip; When making the construction parts, make sure the room you’re in isn’t too warm. Otherwise, the parts get all sticky, and it’s very hard to keep your own cool (just ask my kids 😅)

A Very Merry Christmas from Lars & the VilVite team